where is the best place to invest in property

Whether you want to buy below market value property,balustrades, gated security or glamor, there is a new house for every buyer somewhere in the country. And nowadays a new-build can also be a clever investment, whether you are a first-time purchaser or a seasoned property investor. The North West in UK tops the graphs as the top place for aproperty investment company for high annual leasing revenues. However, the South East doles from massive rises in house prices.

Whilst the South East is the perfect winner when it comes to returning on investment and capital gains, the North West and mainly Manchester can’t be packed down for regular rental revenues.

Buy-to-let in the North West:

If leasing earning is top of your primary concern, then look no further than the North West. Property investment UK in Liverpool and Manchester is showing the two top average annual rental revenues.

Capital city gains:

With a high annual leasing income, the investors of property investment UK will also want to make a yield on their property should they hope to sell.

Inner London certainly tops the list when it comes to capital growth and outer London and its nearby areas lead the rest of the list for best buy-to-let zones in the UK when considering at capital gains.

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